This site is dedicated to my father, Mr.Vrajlal Parmar, who has Alzheimer's Disease.

When our family first received the diagnosis, it was a hammer blow, and - like millions of others - we resigned ourselves to the inevitable downward spiral.

However, not to be beaten I researched everything I could and stumbled upon a Los Angeles based doctor's experience using nothing more complex than pure coconut oil for her husband who made an astonishing recovery.

Here is the actual video that I first saw which started me on this journey: 

Since administering just two teaspoons a day, my father's life has been transformed. He is not cured, but we have huge elements of our father back again. My father was diagnosed with final stage Alzheimer's in 2011, initially diagnosed in 2010 with symptoms starting in 2007. 

We now administor six tablespoons of coconut oil per day in to his diet as this is the recomended dosage for a person whom is in late mid-final stage Alzheimer's. 

For a man once proud of his memory, then seemingly consigned to a life of highly irrational habits, like stacking shelves at midnight in the kitchen, he can now even remember his national insurance number, which is more than many of us can.

As a film-maker, I am setting out to bring my experiences to life on the big screen. Meantime, I am privileged to have attracted considerable media attention, including the Daily Mail, which you can see here:

 ..and others, including The Harrow Observer, London's LBC radio live with Ian Dale, Sunrise Radio, The Sunday Mirror and most recently being interviewed by the great Lorraine Kelly on Daybreak which you can view here:

I have been inundated by the public globally who wish to try coconut oil for their loved ones, it is my pleasure to help each family on a one on one basis. Some families who I have advised have already come back to me with great joy as they have seen the same benefits from coconut oil as we have.

My initiatives have, in turn, attracted support from the Prime Minister, and - for the Labour Party - Hazel Blears, who has raised Questions in the House. Special thanks here go to my MP Bob Blackman, and journalist Jerome Burne, who helped trigger this chain of events.

I am going all out to promote clinical trials into the benefits of coconut oil. If you wish to get in touch you can do so by emailing me at - and do follow me on Twitter for updates.

Who knows, conventional medicine might wake up to the reality that drugs are not the only things which can change people's lives ...

I am here to see this journey through for all. 

Kal Parmar